Improve Your Marketing - click here to view our marketing workbooks

In the constantly changing marketplace, it’s important to be heard above the noise and communicate your value proposition to targeted customers. Explore strategies for identifying ideal customers, target marketing and staying ‘top of mind’ with what you offer. Explore other ways to enhance your marketing strategies at our Services section.

Increase Your Member Retention Rates - click here to learn how to increase retention!

Whether you’re focused on retaining members or customers, it’s critical for your organization to be customer-centric, monitor changing needs and expectations, and use cutting-edge strategies to develop loyalty. Our Member Retention Kit is our most popular solution. Check out our Services section to explore other ways we can enhance retention rates.

Enhance Your Sales Skills - click here to view our sales workbooks!

Sales is the life line of all organizations and contrary to what most people believe, everyone in the organization is in sales. We help individuals and teams enhance their selling skills and understand their competitive advantage. Learn how our other solutions can address your sales challenges by exploring the Services section.

Help Managers and Staff Improve Their Skill Sets - click here to view our tools!

Whether it’s to improve customer-centricity, communication skills, or productivity, we offer a variety of assessments to help enhance individual and team skills. Our assessments are easy to use, affordable and self-administered... [more info]

Check out our favorite books on association membership!

We highly recommend these books on association membership from our library ... [more info]



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