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Cathy Hight

The constantly changing marketplace demands a variety of products and services—all with speed, customization and quality. The pressure from these demands drives the search for better performance.

In reality, performance is a race without an end. High performance requires a focus on quality, continuous improvement and responding to market changes.  

Hight Performance Group works with organizations to employ the principles of Kaizen—strive for continuous improvement, manage gradual change and use existing resources efficiently. The Japanese word Kaizen actually translates literally to "good change".  

What changes are needed for your organization to remain competitive in the market? 

  • We believe that organizations can navigate change successfully.
  • We believe that there are always opportunities to improve efficiencies
  • We belive that the ultimate goal is to deliver experiences for internal and external customers that develop loyalty and retention.

If you're an association seeking to improve your performance, learn more about how we can help strategically align your organization for success.

We serve member-based associations, manufacturers, professional services, and public and educational institutions. If you're looking for ways to improve your staff performance for leadership, time management and customer service, learn more about our services.

Cathi Hight

Senior Kaizen Consultant and President of Hight Performance Group, Inc.

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